As mentioned in the About page, this website is the product of a Digital-Humanities seminar on the topic of ‘Spectacle in the Ancient World’ at the University of British Columbia. The following are links to other formidable projects created for this course by my wonderful classmates:

Ana Golland – The Spectacle of Martyrdom

Andrei Mihailiuk – Mapping the Roman Triumph

Bethany Brothers – The Spectacles of Apuleius

Breeze Donner – Sexual Spectacle in Suetonius

Christian Brady – Epic Spectacle: Podcasting Lucan’s Pharsalia

Heather Odell – De Spectaculis and Latin Digital Textual Analysis

Patricia Taylor – An Image Map of the Route of the Pompa Circensis

The following is a list of a couple websites on the subject of the spectacular human body, freak shows, side shows, and the display of human beings. Enjoy, be amazed, and never stop wondering.


 If you would like me to add a link to this page, please do not hesitate to post a comment below, or contact me at

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