Case Studies

On this page you will find links to the case studies, which fall under three different categories: Public, Private, and Commercial.

Rather than attempt to gather and present the information in a chronological manner or, conversely, to focus solely on the types of text from which the case studies are drawn (i.e. Satire, Letters, Prose, etc.) I decided to organize my case studies around larger themes, from which point I incorporated textual analysis within these broader categories. The case studies are presented within the thematic groupings: 1) ‘Public‘ – this category refers to situations which take place in large, public venues intended for gatherings with little to no restrictions on visual accessibility; 2) ‘Private‘- these are situations which occur within privately-owned space and can typically be thought of as having a smaller ratio of viewer:spectacle than the ‘public’ case studies, although the accessibility may range in terms of restrictions, based on the individual cases; and 3) ‘Commercial‘ – this category refers only to situations wherein the human spectacles are also commodities that can be bought and sold.

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