This website is an attempt to present traditional, academic research in a non-

traditional way. The focus of the research is the human body as a “spectacle” in

and of itself, and the psychological aspects involved in exploiting individual persons

for visual display in ancient Rome. The study focuses on the abnormal human

body, and situations where the human form was regarded as “spectacular” due to its

unusual physical properties. The collected data is presented on this website in such

way that is intentionally an alternative to traditional academic writing and

publishing; instead, I have endeavoured to create an open, searchable, online venue

where my research could be made accessible to anyone who has the desire to see it.



How to Navigate this Site:

There is a tool bar across the top of the website that will remain visible

at all times. Click on the various headings in order, or at random.

Each page functions as a standalone, and has links to other pages on the

website embedded within, as well as external links for further reading.

Prefer a more linear format?

Start at About, then proceed to the Case Studies, and then to the

Emotional Reactions. Read more under Links and Sources, and don’t

forget to check out the interactive presentation under Multimedia.


Explore, Be Amazed, and Enjoy the Show.


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